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Building a Purpose + People + Profit story for every brand.

BRANDKIND is a company that builds - or rebuilds - the foundation for your brand. We approach each assignment from a conscious business viewpoint. It is not about tree-hugging or some unwieldy mission to save the planet. It is about telling those stories of how your company is making responsible decisions every day to make things better. It is about inspiring others to join you - as customers, partners and employees. To us, that is genuine impact.

Top brands exist for reasons beyond the bottomline

A great brand strategy makes a home for a company in our world. It welcomes, builds, and guides during rough times. It inspires and drives great corporate citizens to play their rightful role in leading our world.

CEOs say branding is one of their top 3 problems to solve

According to Harvard Business Review, the world's top CEOs say that having a strong brand is a key issue they will look to resolve in the coming year. We interpret "strong" as successful and sustainable. 

66% of consumers will pay more for this reason

Nielsen reported that 66% of consumers across the globe said they would pay more for products from companies committed to having a positive social and environmental impact. Other research indicate the same.

We say most brands are conscious brands by nature

 A conscious brand adds value by educating, provides a platform, and may even advocates for a change. BRANDKIND believes that every brand could play a role to improve our world. It's just a matter of telling that story well.


Four reasons to get you started.

Yes, we're a minority, women-owned business that brings you some top guns in their fields, affordably. But it is not us - it is about you, the work and who is important to you.

We do the brain work.

We’re not brain surgeons, but perhaps brand surgeons. Our expertise lies in connecting your brand to customers in the quickest and best way possible. While you know your brand and market best, we bring a unique conscious-minded perspective and global best practices to help you build your brand. 

We create stand-out marketing.

We know that you’ve seen the best creative work out there. We know you get hopeful for your day in the sun too. Our creative ideas stand with the best. We’re that confident because our team has worked on the best.

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We build tribes, not just brands.

While we’re in the business of brand-building, we deeply honor a collaborative process. We work with a responsibility that when our job is done, your team - and clients - should be inspired, smarter and more effective than ever before. Find out which 20+ global brands we’ve worked on.

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We are the happy, affordable mid-point.

Branding services in today’s marketplace is shaped like a dumb bell.  On one end, large companies tap into large branding agencies that emerged from brand design expertise.  On the other end are talented graphic and web designers who find themselves guiding strategic branding decisions for the rest of the market. BRANDKIND taps into our partnerships with both large agency expertise and talented creative entrepreneurs to bring you the best of both, affordably.


BRANDKIND has 7 unwavering principles 

As a strategic branding firm, we are guided by 5 core principles no matter what problem we are tackling for our clients. In fact, these principles were loved so much, they featured in the best-selling branding book, Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler, 5th edition, Wiley & Sons. 


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