BRANDKIND is your brand strategy partner.

From strategic messaging and brand identity to innovative marketing campaigns and content, BRANDKIND delivers to the goals you want to achieve. Every project, big or small, is handled through the same strategic process to tease out insights and value. 




With a new business, new product or new service, it's vital to get the brand strategy and identity right. Telling your story and showing up professionally makes those naysayers go away.


So you're ready for the next stretch of growth? Or maybe you've plateaued and need to reinvigorate sales? Of the many choices, your next bet will be a big one. As marketing strategists, this is our sweet spot.


That marketing thing you've been meaning to address. Whether a website or portfolio update, a little sprucing up goes a long way. It sends a message to your team and your customers that you're committed and mean business.


Founded in 2015, BRANDKIND is a minority woman-owned business headquartered in Oakland, CA.

With an average of 12 years marketing experience, our team has worked across 11 industries and five continents. Our team, like our clients, is located across the US. We also collaborate with partners in major cities across the globe. This wide reach of human connection is how we stay in tune culturally and inspires work at the frontier of creativity.


Our team is led by Shantini Munthree, our founder and managing partner. We build our project teams in the way we build brands – custom for the job. As a boutique firm, we draw on our deep network of strategists, creatives and developers who have worked on some of the world’s leading brands. That’s how we keep your project efficient and our billings competitive.

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Building brands to love and last is not just a tagline. It is the essence of who we are and what we do.


Frustrated by the complicated and overpriced brand strategy frameworks, our founder created our own way to position and activate brands.


We apply the LOVE + FEAR approach to every project we do. It helps us stay focused on getting buyers to take action. 



2021 and Beyond

Consumer Trends Summary by Industry and Segment

Brands Built In Purpose

Why A Force for Good should also be A Force for Profit

Brands To Watch

Our Picks on Brands to Watch

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We build brands to love and last.

We are a full service branding and marketing shop. Whether running strategic workshops, drafting brand stories, developing logos and packaging, creating videos, and every other marketing tactic under the sun, we get really close to our clients and go nuts when they win. Our work has covered consumer brands, business services, technology and nonprofits.


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Headquarters: Oakland, CA

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